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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked about the Honda Pioneer 1000 & Honda Talon 

Parking Brake / Hill Brake

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  • Does this fit any other models or manufacturers?
    The Hillbilly Brake is made exclusively to fit the Honda Pioneer 1000 & Honda Talon X / X4 / R, all years and all models. Currently it does not fit any other manufacturers UTVs.
  • What is the shipping cost and delivery time?
    Each order is shipped USPS Priority mail - flat rate of $9.00 for 2-3 day delivery. Orders are shipped out usually within 1 business day.
  • What is the finish on the Hillbilly Brake?
    The finish is nickel plating. The color will be "silver".
  • Will the Hillbilly Brake make my Honda Pioneer 1000 or Honda Talon street legal?
    Some states require a "parking brake" to be a seperate mechanical actuated system that operates seperate from the vehicle's hydraulic brake system. Check your states requirements for making you Honda Pioneer 1000 or Honda Talon street legal.
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