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Here are the questions we are most frequently being asked about the Honda Pioneer 1000 & Honda Talon 

Parking Brake / Hill Brake

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  • Does this fit any other models or manufacturers?
    The Hillbilly Brake is made exclusively to fit the Honda Pioneer 1000 & Honda Talon X / X4 / R, all years and all models. Currently it does not fit any other manufacturers UTVs.
  • What is the shipping cost and delivery time?
    Standard shipping is USPS Priority mail - flat rate of $9.00 for 2-3 day delivery. Orders are shipped out usually within 1 business day.
  • How does it work?
    When you press the brake before placing it in park, simply engage the Hillbilly Brake with your foot and release the brake pedal. No more "Clanking" when you put it back in gear. The Hillbilly Brake will automatically disengage when you press the brake pedal to put it back into gear.
  • Will my brake lights stay on with the Hillbilly Brake engaged?
    No, the brake lights will timeout after a short period when the key is turned off. If the key is left on, Yes your brake lights will stay on. Refer to your operating manual.
  • Do I still have to place my SXS in 'Park' with the Hillbilly Brake engaged?
    You must always place the SXS in 'Park' with the Hillbilly Brake engaged. The Hillbilly Brake is designed to hold all four brakes and keep the weight of the machine from adding pressure on the pawl gear/parking gear. Always engage the Hillbilly Brake first, then place your SXS in park. If you place it 'Park' then engage the Hillbilly Brake the weight of the machine is already on the pawl gear/parking rear and will take more force to release the pawl gear/parking gear when you place it back in 'Drive'.
  • Is the Hillbilly Brake adjustable?
    There is no adjustment for the unit itself, but there is an adjustment on the brake pedal on most SXSs allowing you to decrease or increase the pressure. we recommend you reference your operating manual or have a mechanic adjust it if needed.
  • How long can you keep the Hillbilly Brake engaged?
    All SXSs vary with different master cylinders. The Hillbilly Brake is designed to be used for short periods while stopped on an incline or while trailering. We have left the Hillbilly Brake engaged while trailering for three days and have kept it locked overnight without any issues .
  • What is the finish on the Hillbilly Brake?
    The finish is nickel plating. The color will be "silver".
  • Will the Hillbilly Brake make my SXS street legal?
    Some states require a "parking brake" to be a seperate mechanical actuated system that operates seperate from the vehicle's hydraulic brake system. Check your states requirements for making you SXS street legal.
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